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Our Story


    We are: Nolah Elan Park Ave. , La Biennale  de Venice Awarded Haute Couturier. We are offering you a unique experience with Haute Couture Evening Wear .

We currently have 40 looks to scintillate your sensibilities with.

Our Ready to Wear  Cocktail dresses, and Evening Gowns are a dazzling delight  for the Nolah Elan Park Ave Lady.
We offer -
Complete Bespoke - Custom Silhouettes,  exact measurements, and 50 color palette customization in Industry record time.


Complete Couture Customization  requiring 2 weeks only, to handcraft any  new orders.

 Swarovski and Aurora Borealis Crystals, Unique French Imported Paillettes. Dazzling custom faceted Sequins and applique sourced in Italy and Paris. 3-D Hologrammed and faceted in our Patented Style. Lace, from Burano Isle, in Venice, Italy.

We can construct in Any sizes 0-to infinity with only 2-3weeks turn around for Handcrafted, High Art awarded, Cutting edge Fashion.

Our Patented, and Copywrited Couture Brille' Gowns , that glow in the dark. Perfect for the Red Carpet, International Stage, or Opera. Like-La Cristal Pyramid 

Without Further Adieus, 

Straight from the 2017 NYFW Runway, 5th Consecutive New York Fashion Week: Welcome To The Dazzling World Of International Sourced and Curated
High Fashion,



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